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Date: 31st May 2016
Light steel villa :1.our skeleton is galvanized . Q350,Website:,Q450.2.the main structure contains perservative lumber.3.we use XPS panel to protect the house and keep a constant temperature.4.OSB panel can be used to support the structure.5.membrane paper is good for insulating the water and maintain the whole structure.6.fiber cement board can be used as the external wall and interior wall.7.the stairs can be iron and galvanized steel8.the windows and doors can be wood and aluminium.the price for light steel villa is 800-1200dollar per square meter.Company Information?TianLiCheng Co.Ltd. is a licensed and fully insured General Building Contractor, established in 2010 by Demin Cai, utilizing 25 years of building experience to develop a company that continues to grow.? we have taken that valuable experience and tailored it to meet the expectations for our clients on a scale that fits their needs as they arise and budgets they required.We are committed to providing a full range of premium quality steel building solutions for all commercial, Industrial, Institutional and residential needs using our enterprise in Design, Detailing, Fabrication & Erection, specializing in designing , developing, manufacturing, selling??light-gauge steel framing , heavy-gauge steel framing?and undertaking various kinds of steel structural projects. what's more, our clientele consists of Architects, Contractors, Developers, Investors, Manufactures & Government Institutions among others, from all over the Asia and in particular East Asia. We also partner with Civil Contractors in fabricating the steel work part of their scope and help them achieve their completion targets.Light steel frame construction techniques to create structurally sound dwellings in China is one of the most exciting developments to hit hinterland and shores in recent times even though this method of building has been used in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand for decades. we offer quality, cost efficiency and speed of erection for low-rise residential and non-residential buildings. The key to the success and rapid growth of light steel frame construction worldwide lies in a seamless interface between computer-based design and computer-controlled manufacturing. Sophisticated design programs have been developed to carry out the structural design of each element required for a buildingThere are several advantages of light steel frame construction compared with conventional building in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed. Various interior and exterior cladding options ensure that almost any style of building can be achieved. Electrical facilities and plumbing system are essentially encompassed within the framework of the cladding. Light-gauge steel frame building offers a wide range of benefits when compared with conventional building or other framing materials, in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed. Reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and reduced time of construction could offer cost savings of 15% or more, compared with conventional building.Steel framing has many advantages over conventional brick and timber structures. A completed house using an internal steel frame, typically clad with exposed face brick or painted plastered finishes, is virtually indistinguishable from homes built using conventional techniques. It is also estimated that steel framing saves substantially on building costs, mainly owing to reducing construction duration and eliminating a large portion of inefficient site labor.Quality is another aspect that differentiates light-gauge steel framing from conventional building methods. Steel frames are produced only from computer-aided design (CAD) software, which ensures that all elements of the home conform to the designer?s plans and also allows optimum design freedom. Also,steel does not sag or rot over time and represents a significant improvement in quality over existing timber roof-framing or other systems . In addition, steel framing also has some environmental benefits. Steel is a reusable resource and steel frames can be erected in environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact.we look forward to the opportunity to share our experience and expertise with you . please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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